I’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions, plus a few more. If you have something else you would like to ask me, please do not hesitate to get in touch via my contact page.


What’s your style?

My style of photography is creative, inspired, documentary, passionate and fun. My keen understanding of light, composition and an ability to anticipate moments allows me to capture beautiful photos full of emotion. From the beginning of your wedding day, I start capturing your wedding story, once your day is over there is no chance to do it again. That is why it is so important to invest in great photography and your choice of photographer is critical.


Are you insured?

Of course. Both professional indemnity and public liability to £5 million.

Do you have a contract?

Yes, it’s simple, nothing hidden. It just confirms that I am your wedding photographer and I will turn up at the specified venue at such a time and deliver everything and more.

What if you’re ill?

Well, I haven’t missed a wedding yet. But if the planets align in a certain way, and I’m literally on death’s door, I am a member of a unique group of talented photographers who are on hand if ever this situation were to arise. I’ve stepped in myself to cover for peers that have been in this position after one broke his leg and another got stuck on the M11.

What is your payment schedule?

After we’ve stopped hi-fiving each other that your best decision, so far, has been to book me, I take a 50% booking fee with the remaining 50% required 6 weeks before your wedding date.

What equipment do you use?

In 2017 I switched from Nikon to Sony. The new Sony cameras are the best in the industry. Having a completely silent shutter, candid moments are totally authentic and real. Vicars are happy too as there is no CLICK CLICK CLICK from the older DSLR cameras.

In the evening I break out the flashes to capture the reception party with my unique style. I actually teaching lighting workshops so you are in safe hands if your wedding is in a dark venue or in the depths of winter.

You only shoot a maximum of 20 weddings a  year?

Because what I offer you is a completely creative product, it’s bespoke to you. You will not get generic wedding photography from me. I want to listen, understand and deliver your dream through my eyes. Your wedding will be a long emotional day and I’m there to capture it all. Shooting your wedding is only a small part of the service that you hired me to do.

The whole process of delivering your dream wedding takes time and I do not want to sacrifice the quality of what I offer by shooting too many weddings and diluting the passion that I have for it.

I also have a young family and I want to be there to see them grow, that’s really the main reason why I limit myself to only 20 weddings a year.

Your images are really vibrant, is that done in post processing?

The secret to getting strong punchy images is all about understanding light and how to use it. No amount of processing will make a bad image into a good one. I’m all about getting it looking as good as possible in camera. You’re hiring me for my vision, understanding of light and creative take on wedding photography.

If the light is horrendous and it can be challenging in the UK, I bring out the strobes and create my own light. I teach lighting workshops and have done platform talks for Nikon around the subject so you are in safe hands.

Once captured in camera. I work some more magic on them with post-processing to creative that final vision. I edit all my images.

What’s included?

We offer 4 different price points so there is a package for most budgets. Please get in touch to request our price list.

Do I get digital files?

Of course, all our packages come with your digital photos that can be downloaded.

How long does it take to get my wedding images?

Currently, we say up to 90 days, but that is for peak times only. During the low season, it is considerably quicker. We will though be giving you previews a few weeks after your wedding.

Do you offer destination weddings?

Yes, I love them. In fact, in the last 2 years alone we have shot over 30% of our weddings outside of England. I’ve been lucky enough to travel to Italy, France, Dominican Republic, Canada, Ireland, USA (7 different states), Guernsey, Switzerland and Scotland. So YES, we do offer destinations!

How many images will we get?

For an ALL DAY wedding, we typically take over 4000 frames each. There is a lot of similar frames when we’re shooting fast. Part of the art of creating visually compelling images is that we are constantly tweaking the composition frame by frame until the moment has passed. So only the best shots make the cut. Many of the cut shots are of people blinking, pull funny faces, have limbs covering faces so those don’t make the cut.

Shooting that many frames ensures that every photo delivered tells a story and captures a perfect moment.

What about all the rejected images?

No, sorry. As mentioned above, we cull to give you the absolute best images. Don’t worry, you”ll have loads!

Can I have the RAW images?

Sorry no again. I want you to see my vision and that includes my post-processing work, that’s why you booked me right? You wouldn’t ask a chef to have all the raw ingredients, would you? That would just be messy!

Do you use a second shooter?

During the consult we will discuss the size of your wedding and whether your coverage will benefit from having a second shooter. The advantage of having a second shooter is having your day captured from two different complementing perspectives. Not only are there a benefit to having two photographers during the ceremony, but also if the groom is getting ready in a different location. Second shooters are included in some packages but can be added after you’ve booked as an extra.

I never use inexperienced second photographers, everyone in my team is a seasoned wedding photographer capable of shooting weddings on their own. They will have their own professional equipment and capable of shooting under all conditions. I’ve even flow second shooters in from the US on several occasions!

Do you offer engagement sessions?

Not everyone likes having their photos taken and some people are naturally camera shy. If that sounds like you, then an engagement session is perfect.
It’s a very relaxed 2-hour photo session where we can meet and get to know each other. You’ll soon realise there is nothing to worry about and we’ll capture  beautiful shots of you together. I’m pretty good at getting my couples to relax, just look at some of these pre-wedding sessions:

View engagement sessions

And when you look through them, remind yourself most of these couples said to me “I hate my photo being taken”. And then 2 hours later “I loved it, we can’t wait to see the photos”.

Not all packages include a pre-wedding photo session, but these can be booked up to 4 weeks before your wedding.

For Photographers

Do you teach workshops?

Yes, generally they are individual 1-2-1 or 2-2-1 private sessions. These are 8-hour bespoke workshops based on your level of experience, technical understanding and what you want to learn. Some of the areas we can help:

  • understanding photographic principles
  • understanding the 3 cornerstone principles: composition, lighting, moments
  • beginners off-camera flash (OCF)
  • advanced OCF, using multiple flashes
  • OCF for portraits
  • reception lighting
  • portfolio critique
  • storytelling
  • and anything else you need to take your work to the next level

Once a year we offer lighting workshops. Please get in touch if you’d like to be added to our mailing list to be the first to hear about forthcoming workshops.

What’s in your bag?

It’s a lot I know. But it pays to have backup gear, and lots of it, you never know when you need it.

Bodies and lenses:

  • 2x Sony a9 – completely silent shooting to get true candid moments
  • 1x Sony a7riii – high-res for portraits
  • Sony 12-24 f4 G
  • Sony 24-70 f2.8 GM
  • Sony 70-200 f2.8 GM
  • Sony 25mm f2 Batis
  • Sony 35mm f1.4
  • Sony 55mm f1.8
  • Sony 85mm f1.8
  • Sony 90mm f2.8 Macro


  • 2x Godox TT350 speedlights
  • 2x Godox V860 speedlights
  • 3x Godox AD200 mono
  • 3x Elinchrom ELB400
  • 2x YN360 lightsticks


  • MagMod Grips, Grids, Gels, Beams, Snoot, Bounce
  • Godox 40cm Octa with grids
  • Profoto 3’x2′ softbox with grid
  • Profoto 3′ Octa with grid
  • 2x Rotalux 135×50 strip box with grids
  • Westcott 7′ parabolic umbrella