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I only photograph 15-20 weddings a year, that enables me to be 100% fresh and creative for every wedding. I offer a number of packages, starting from £1,899. Each package comes with me, Jon, as your photographer. Each package comes with edited digital files and your own private online gallery, and unlimited smiles from me! We understand that not every wedding will fit into one of our packages. Each wedding is unique, but the below packages are a very good place to start and the best value for money. Please note that any accommodation and travel expenses required are not included in these packages. These will be added to your quote and explained during the consultation.     KEY: - not included • included


To tell the FULL story of your wedding we really need to be there ALL DAY. That said, smaller more intimate weddings can sometimes be done in around 8 hours hence that we offer an 8-hour package to cater for these types of weddings. But there is a compromise, it will be a squeeze to get everything documented so it's usually bridal prep and evening dancing is missed from this reduced hours coverage. All day means you get us ALL DAY, but typically we're there about 3 hours before the ceremony to get the bridal prep, all the through to around 10-11pm at night and that's near enough 12 hours. However, I shoot as long as is required to capture the story of your wedding. We have on occasions shoot through to the early hours.


Shooting solo on smaller weddings is such a joy. I get to see both the bride and groom before the ceremony. But around 90% of my weddings I shoot with a second photographer. Usually, I stick with the bride all day and my second captures the other side of the family. The main advantage of having a second photographer at your wedding is if you're getting ready in different locations and a far more complete story of your day. During the 'crunch' time (between the ceremony and the wedding breakfast) there is so much to shoot; group shots, couple portraits, cocktail hour, candids, wedding breakfast details before guests enter and mess it all up. Setting up lights for speeches if those are before you are served your meal, there is a lot to be done. Sometimes we're only given 90 mins to do all that, so a second shooter is a must if you want all those moments during that part of your wedding documented. Help is at hand, we are here to suggest ways to help plan your day more efficiently. In the coming months leading up to your wedding day, we can schedule a few Skype calls to help you get the most out of us, your wedding photographers. I never use inexperienced second photographers, everyone in my team is a seasoned wedding photographer capable of shooting weddings on their own. They will have their own professional equipment and capable of shooting under all conditions. I've even flow second shooters in from the US on several occasions!  

Min Images Delivered

For an ALL DAY wedding, we typically take over 4000 frames each. There is a lot of similar frames when we're shooting fast. Part of the art of creating visually compelling images is that we are constantly tweeking the composition frame by frame until the moment has passed. So only the best shots make the cut. Many of the cut shots are of people blinking, pull funny faces, have limbs covering faces so those don't make the cut. Shooting that many frames ensure that every photo we delivery tells a story and it a perfect moment.

Full-Res Images

After your wedding, we will deliver your images in a digital format and in FULL RES. That means you can print them as big as you want, you can even turn them into wallpaper if you so wish! They will be high enough quality to print large wall art. But you must use a good print lab to get the very best print quality and colour rendition. We do offer beautiful albums and wall art, please contact us for more product information. All packages come with your very own private password protected online gallery. You are able to share this gallery with your friends and family. Our married couples love the slick online galleries as their guests are able to order prints and wall art of their favourite shots from your wedding. We take portraits and group shots during the day and they are a nice memento for them to purchase via the online gallery.


This is something we introduced in 2017 and my couples LOVE IT. See an example below from Krystina and Phil's wedding in Lake Como. Slideshows are typically 4-8 mins long depending upon your coverage. Set to music, it's a brilliant way to enjoy your wedding memories.
Add this to your package +£100 if not included.

Custom App

Your very own APP to have on your mobile or tablet. It's own little icon on your screen that you can click on to relive your wedding. Viewing your BEST 100 images from your wedding day are only a click away and can be taken everywhere you go. You don't need data access once you've installed it. A brilliant way to share your images with friends and family when you visit them. Add this to your package +£100 if not included.

Engagement Session

Not everyone likes photos taken of them. If that sounds like you, then an engagement session is perfect for you. It's a very relaxed 2-hour photo session where we can meet and get to know each other. You'll soon understand that there is nothing to worry about, getting relaxed, beautiful shots of you together is nothing to get worked up about. I'm pretty good at getting my couples to relax, just look at some of these pre-wedding sessions: View engagement sessions And when you look through them, remind yourself most of these couples said to me "I hate my photo being taken". And then 2 hours later "I loved it, we can't wait to see the photos". I good idea is to have your engagement session at a location that is important to you. Where you first met, your favourite location, beach, pub, snowboarding, on a rollercoaster, I'm always up for a challenge! Even if your package did not include a pre-wedding session, we're more than happy to organise a session for you, just get in touch and we can go through some dates and fun ideas. Add this to your package +£500 if not included.

Luxury Wedding Album

Without a doubt, the BEST way to remember and enjoy your amazing wedding day. I use the best supplier of albums in the industry. All handmade and tailored specifically to your requirements. I pride myself on designing your perfect album myself. Your album is an heirloom, something to cherish and show future generations of your family. I still look at my parent's wedding album with such happiness and seeing those family members that are sadly no longer with us. If your package did not include an album, you can always invest in one after your wedding. However, investing in one now in the Artisan package, you'll save over £200 on the post-wedding price list. Albums start at £800 for a 10x10 - 30 spread album.

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Need some convincing from my married couples?

Please read some of these testimonials I've been lucky enough to receive from my couples. They've experienced how I work and are the best to explain what it's like. All good hopefully!