Epsom Racecourse Wedding

Thakshy & Tom

/ Surrey / UK

Hindu Wedding at Epsom Downs Racecourse was vibrant, emotional and full of ancient rituals.

This wedding was almost too much for me. So much colour, tradition, details, happiness and I was privileged to have no restrictions when shooting. Shoes off and I was up on the Manavarai (stage) kicking over coconuts as I witnessed one of the most amazing ceremonies ever.

Epsom Downs Racecourse is perfect for large weddings such as this one, the Diomed Suite room easily accommodated the 250 guests for Thakshy & Tom’s wedding.

I’ve shot a few Hindu weddings before, but this one was very traditional. One of the many highlights was when Thakshy received her Koorai (bridal sari) from Tom, she then legged it out of the ceremonial hall and changes into her bridal sari, new make-up, jewellery, hair, everything, all in about 10 mins. It was like Britain next top model!

WHAT A WEDDING, loved it. The following images I hope will give you some idea of the vibrancy and atmosphere from a magical day.

36 hours later I photographed Thakshy & Tom’s second wedding, a traditional western ceremony. This will be coming to the blog next week, white dress and tailed suits this time. That too was rather special!

Big thanks to Louise Adby for coming along to help out.

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The tying of the Thaali

What was critical was that the tying of the Thaali (necklace of gold) had to be tied by 4:45pm and this was achived with literally seconds to spare. The atmosphere so electric, I was buzzing from the excitement.

With more rituals following and an hour of blessings from family and friends we heading out for a few portraits before the couple disappeared to Thakshy’s temple in Croydon with her family.

Tying of the Thaali

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