Ellie & Robbie

/ Essex / UK

“Jon played a huge part in making our whole day an incredible experience, not just for us but all of our guests too.”

I never thought I’d be photographing a wedding on a post-war minesweeping boat.

I’ve met Ellie and Robbie before. In actual fact, we’d met several times before at different weddings. I’m incredibly lucky that their wedding is the 5th one from the same group of friends! It all started at Cheryl and Tom’s Borgo San Felice Wedding back in 2015, since then I’ve been shooting all their mate’s weddings, happy days!!

Earlier this year Robbie told me he was super excited about getting married to Ellie in Leigh-on-Sea. However, it would take place on an old post-war minesweeper, it was brilliant!

What is amazing about this awesome group of humans is that it’s like being a mate, they are so friendly and see me as one of the gang more than anything. So that gives me access and complete trust from them, no pressure then!!

It rained all day but that didn’t put a dampener on the day at all. It was fabulous. Here are a few favs from their fabulous Essex Wedding.



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