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It was a rather bizarre set of circumstances that I ended up shooting Emma & Tom’s wedding. But at the end of the day we were all very lucky to be here.

Their wedding was held at Emma’s family home, it was beautiful. The whole family were so open and allowed Dan and I to shoot without restrictions. Some real gems from this wedding and it was a pleasure to be involved.

Big thanks to Dan Bold for asking me along to help, I don’t know how you were able to shoot after somersaulting your car on the M1, but you did it mate 🙂 Below are a few favs from us both.

Emma-Tom-Wedding-001 Emma-Tom-Wedding-002 Emma-Tom-Wedding-003 Emma-Tom-Wedding-004 Emma-Tom-Wedding-005 Emma-Tom-Wedding-006 Emma-Tom-Wedding-007 Emma-Tom-Wedding-008 Emma-Tom-Wedding-009 Emma-Tom-Wedding-010 Emma-Tom-Wedding-011 Emma-Tom-Wedding-012 Emma-Tom-Wedding-013 Emma-Tom-Wedding-014 Emma-Tom-Wedding-015 Emma-Tom-Wedding-016 Emma-Tom-Wedding-017 Emma-Tom-Wedding-018 Emma-Tom-Wedding-019 Emma-Tom-Wedding-020 Emma-Tom-Wedding-021 Emma-Tom-Wedding-022 Emma-Tom-Wedding-023 Emma-Tom-Wedding-024 Emma-Tom-Wedding-025 Emma-Tom-Wedding-026 Emma-Tom-Wedding-027Emma-Tom-Wedding-030 Emma-Tom-Wedding-029Emma-Tom-Wedding-032 Emma-Tom-Wedding-031 Emma-Tom-Wedding-033 Emma-Tom-Wedding-034 Emma-Tom-Wedding-035


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