Nether Winchendon House Wedding

Madeline & Michael (+ George)

/ Buckinghamshire / UK

Typical British weather, it was wet and windy, luckily the rain gods were on our side.

I knew this was going to be a good wedding, Madeline & Michael changed their wedding date 12 months earlier as they found out they were to become parents for the first time. With George now on the scene and a change of venue, a date was set and we were back in wedding mode.

Nether Winchendon is a stunning venue. I can see why Madeline & Michael changed their location for this gem. Nestled in the Buckinghamshire countryside it’s been in the same family since the 15th century!

Loads of photo opportunities, mainly featuring 10 month old George, he is a little charmer. I was lucky to have 30 mins with the B&G for portraits and we made the most of it, the rain stopped just in time and the sun even came out, perfect.

I’d like to thank the whole family for making me feel so welcome. And thank you to Madeline & Michael for trusting in me to shoot your wedding. Lastly a big thank you to Ken for assisting me again, you’re a superstar!

Below are a few favs from this awesome wedding day.

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