Smithfield Market Wedding

Vix & Don

/ London / UK

“Jon even helped me chose which dress to wear when I was having a last minute panic and made me laugh every time I was feeling a little nervous or anxious before the big moment, I’m not sure I’d have gotten through ‘dress gate’ without him!”


Vix and Don’s wedding was something I’d been looking forward to for a long time. I first met them in Italy last year when I was documenting Cheryl and Tom’s epic Borgo San Felice wedding.

Vicky was an absolute hoot and Don was literally up for anything, remember Edward scirror VODKA hands from day 3 of their Tuscany Wedding? Well, shortly after I returned from Italy, Vix sent me an email announcing that herself and Don were to get married in 2016, and would I be interested in shooting it? 10 seconds later I’m booked and we’re all set for a Smiths at Smithfields Wedding!

The day was amazing, we were welcomed and treated like friends and it was wonderful to see many familiar faces. You can tell that Vix and Don are completely besotted with each other, their friends and family mean the World to them. It was an honour to be part of the day and I cannot wait to share more photos with them in the coming months.

Big thanks to Dan Bold for second shooting. Below is a few favs from their wedding from both Dan and I.

Vix-Don-Wed-1-002 Vix-Don-Wed-1-004 Vix-Don-Wed-1-025 Vix-Don-Wed-1-029 Vix-Don-Wed-1-040 Vix-Don-Wed-1-042 Vix-Don-Wed-1-045-Edit Vix-Don-Wed-1-050-Edit Vix-Don-Wed-1-065 Vix-Don-Wed-1-068 Vix-Don-Wed-1-078 Vix-Don-Wed-1-091 Vix-Don-Wed-1-092 Vix-Don-Wed-1-094 Vix-Don-Wed-1-106 Vix-Don-Wed-1-110 Vix-Don-Wed-1-113 Vix-Don-Wed-1-120-Edit Vix-Don-Wed-1-127 Vix-Don-Wed-1-136 Vix-Don-Wed-1-143 Vix-Don-Wed-1-144 Vix-Don-Wed-1-159 Vix-Don-Wed-1-176 Vix-Don-Wed-1-180 Vix-Don-Wed-1-187 Vix-Don-Wed-1-206 Vix-Don-Wed-1-210 Vix-Don-Wed-1-213 Vix-Don-Wed-1-223 Vix-Don-Wed-1-226 Vix-Don-Wed-1-250 Vix-Don-Wed-1-257 Vix-Don-Wed-1-258 Vix-Don-Wed-1-277 Vix-Don-Wed-1-286 Vix-Don-Wed-1-293 Vix-Don-Wed-1-296-Edit Vix-Don-Wed-1-304 Vix-Don-Wed-1-312-Edit Vix-Don-Wed-1-322 Vix-Don-Wed-1-340 Vix-Don-Wed-1-352 Vix-Don-Wed-1-357

Watch the Vix & Don Market Walk

Click the play button to view.

[tg_vimeo width=”1200″ height=”720″ video_id=”170438573″]

Vix-Don-Wed-1-364Vix-Don-Wed-1-076-Edit Vix-Don-Wed-1-365 Vix-Don-Wed-1-397 Vix-Don-Wed-1-401 Vix-Don-Wed-1-417Vix-Don-Wed-1-601 Vix-Don-Wed-1-423 Vix-Don-Wed-1-425 Vix-Don-Wed-1-435 Vix-Don-Wed-1-454 Vix-Don-Wed-1-463 Vix-Don-Wed-1-465 Vix-Don-Wed-1-490 Vix-Don-Wed-1-497 Vix-Don-Wed-1-501 Vix-Don-Wed-1-520 Vix-Don-Wed-1-532 Vix-Don-Wed-1-546 Vix-Don-Wed-1-553 Vix-Don-Wed-1-562 Vix-Don-Wed-1-567 Vix-Don-Wed-1-575-Edit Vix-Don-Wed-1-579-Edit Vix-Don-Wed-1-582 Vix-Don-Wed-1-590 Vix-Don-Wed-1-594 Vix-Don-Wed-1-617 Vix-Don-Wed-1-649 Vix-Don-Wed-1-668 Vix-Don-Wed-1-672 Vix-Don-Wed-1-680 Vix-Don-Wed-1-693 Vix-Don-Wed-1-702 Vix-Don-Wed-1-708 Vix-Don-Wed-1-718 Vix-Don-Wed-1-723 Vix-Don-Wed-1-728 Vix-Don-Wed-1-733Vix-Don-Wed-1-581


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