Tuscany Italy Wedding

Emma & Andrew // Pt 3

Tuscany / Italy

Final day of Emma and Andrew elopement to Italy.

Having been to Tuscany, more specifically San Gimignano before I knew it would be an idyllic finale to Emma and Andrew’s wedding adventure. This was our 3rd day together, in case you missed the other 2 days, I strongly recommend you check out Day 1: The Wedding at La Finestra Sul Fiume & Day 2: Venice Wedding Portraits.

We actually drove to Tuscany over night after a wonderful 5 hours in Venice. The drive was beautiful, rolling countryside and stunning views the whole way. We were staying in a Tuscany farm house, the owners Flavio and his wife run Italian cooking classes.

San Gimignano wedding portraits

So the following morning we looked around San Gimignano, ate some of the best ice cream I’ve ever had, took some great portraits of Emma and Andrew before going for an explore around the Tuscan countryside. I have so much respect for Emma, she re-broke her foot the night before in the farm house and was still adamant of taking photos. Andrew having to carry her around was both funny and rather painful to witness. but hats off to you Em, you were brilliant and I think the photos were worth the effort.

That evening the family enjoyed the cooking class, it tasted wonderful and we’re planning a Australian/UK/USA pasta cook off.

Big thanks again go out to Jason Prezant for helping me out on this epic tour. A top bloke and excellent photographer based in Delaware USA.

San Gimignano streets

San Gimignano distress patina wall building

San Gimignano

San Gimignano boxer dogs

San Gimignano bride and groom ice cream

San Gimignano square bride and groom

San Gimignano bride broken foot groom helps her off wall

San Gimignano bride and groom make a wish in well

San Gimignano bride and groom make wish well

San Gimignano back drop wedding bride portrait

San Gimignano back ground bride and groom

groom carries bride

tuscany bride and groom portrait

tuscany landscape

tuscany sunset

italian cooking class

italian cooking class andrew cooking

italian cooking class Andrew feeds Emma

italian cooking class

italian cooking class

italian cooking class

italian cooking class

italian cooking class

italian cooking class

italian cooking class

italian cooking class


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