Cheryl & Tom // DAY 3

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“Jon, and we hope you keep infecting many others with your incredible zest for life and photography as you have us!”

Saying goodbye to Borgo San Felice.

It was hard saying goodbyes to Borgo San Felice, even harder to say goodbye to Cheryl & Tom. The last 3 days had been incredible. So much fun and literally overwhelming with photo opportunites.

Check out DAY 1 and DAY 2 if you haven’t already.

This is DAY 3 from the CHOM wedding, an epic pool party with inflatable swans and flamingos, chocolate martinis and impromptu ‘it’s a knock out’  games. Even that climaxed in an incredible thunderstorm. Then it was karaoke with Tom ‘vodka hands’ Cornett, much wine, singing and general craziness ensued.

I have to thank Cheryl & Tom for looking after us all so well, nothing was too much, you looked after us like guests, thank you from us all. And finally thank you to my team, Keith Lee and Dan Bold for sharing and helping out this amazing wedding with me.

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Day-3-008 Day-3-009 Day-3-010[/slideshow]
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