St Catherines College Wedding

Sian & Richard

/ Cambridge / UK

Cambridge Wedding at St Catharines College

I knew when we did Sian and Richard’s engagement session in Highgate that their wedding would be full of smiles and happiness.

So the story begins with Sian and her bridal party in the luxurious Hotel Du Vin. I was only here last week shooting the bridal preparations for Sarah and Richard’s wedding last week so the staff we’re greeting me like a local resident. I love this place, so many cool places to shoot details and portraits.

02-hotel-du-vin-camrbidge-wedding 03-bridesmaids-shoes 04-hotel-du-vin-wedding 05-wedding-champagne 06-wedding-boquet-cambridge 07-hotel-du-vin-bridal-suite 08-bride-make-up-cambridge 09-hotel-du-vin-wedding 10-bridesmaids-hotel-du-vin 11-bridemaids-green-dress 12-cambridge-hotel-du-vin-wedding-bride Bridal Preparation Hotel Du Vin

I then walked over to the Regent Hotel in Cambridge to get some documentary photos of Richard and his ushers getting ready. He was remarkable calm and buzzing with excitement. I’d be nervous as hell on my wedding day!

13a-regent-hotel-wedding-cambridge 14-groom-winged-shirt 15-regent-hotel-cambridge-wedding 16-groom-tie-getting-ready 16-regent-hotel-wedding Regent Hotel Wedding

Once both bride and groom were polished and pimped we went to St Catharines College in Cambridge for the wedding ceremony. Sian was pretty nervous and had a little wobble before confidently walking into the chapel.

17-bride-cambridge-catherines-college 18-father-walks-bride-wedding 19-windy-wedding-cambridge 20-nervous-bride 21-cambridge-bride-and-bridesmaids 22-nervous-bride 23-st-catherines-college-wedding 24-st-catherines-chapel-bride 25-cambridge-university-wedding 26-st-catherines-college-wedding 27-cambridge-wedding 28-ring-exchange-wedding 29-bride-smiles-at-husband St Catherines College Wedding

After the ceremony we had literally 10 minutes before the heavens opened, so with military precision we banged through 20 group shots and ran for cover for cocktail hour in the SCR room.

31-mother-looking-at-son-wedding 32-greeting-line-wedding 33-university-socks 33a-wedding-guest-dress-wind 34-cold-winter-wedding 35-groom-usher-group-cambridge 36-university-umbrellas 37-routemaster-bus-wedding 38-cambridge-wedding-party 39-rainy-wedding-umbrellas 40-umbrella-wedding Cambridge university Wedding

A very cool old routemaster bus then took us from St Catharines College to the picturesque inn, The Three Horseshoes in Madingley. The food was fantastic as were the attentive staff. Great music in the evening finished off an amazing wedding in Cambridge.

42-three-horseshoes-madingley-wedding 43-3-horseshoes-madingley-wedding 43-hourse-shoes-madingley-wedding 44-first-dance 44-madingley-wedding 45-cambridge-wedding-portrait 45-groom-singing-wedding 46-fruit-wedding-rings 46-wedding-party-reception 47-sambuca-shots-wedding 50-3-hourseshoes-party 51-finger-print-tree 52-singing-wedding 53-cambridge-wedding 3 horseshoes in Madingley


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  • Hi Jon, trying to stay offline but couldn’t resist a peek…so just a note to say how much we love these photographs! Thank you for your enthusiasm and skill! Looking forward to seeing the full set…S&R

    • Ha ha – so glad you were able to break your relaxing honeymoon to check out the photos. Looking forward to catching up when you guys get back 🙂

  • Jon, these photo’s are fantastic! The Whitakers must be delighted, and I’m also impressed by just how many photo’s you managed to take of me with my eyes open! Haha.

    It was lovely to meet you.


  • Hi! I found your site from the fearless blog. I’m a photographer in Kentucky in the States-love your work! It has a clarity and a richness to it that I really enjoy!

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