Marland Same Sex Wedding

Richard & Steve

/ Maryland / Washington / U.S.

It was an absoloute honour to witness and document Richard and Steve’s wedding. There was so much love and attention on their wedding day. From our initial meeting over Skype chats and emails it was clear that this was something special. The feeling was really relaxed on the day, Richard staying over night and getting ready at the Willard Intercontinental Hotel in DC whilst Steve was getting prepped at their home with friends and family.

One of the highlights of the day was Ryan, a close friends of Richards, he took a course allowing him to ordane the ceremony and legally wed Richard and Steve. With personal vows and readings from close friends it was magical.

The setting for the wedding was spectacular, Woodend is a 40-acre nature sanctuary given Audubon status. With meadows of wild flowers, deer wandering around and the trees in fall/autumn, it was just beautiful.

For all you camera geeks this was the first wedding I have shot with Canon’s 135/2.0 lens, it is spectacular!

Big thanks to Katie Merkle for second shooting this one with me, she is seriously talented. Below are a few favs from this wonderful day.

01-Washington-DC-Willard-Hotel-Wedding 02-Washington-DC-Willard-Hotel-Wedding 03-Washington-DC-Willard-Hotel-Wedding 04-Washington-DC-Willard-Hotel-Wedding 05-Washington-DC-Willard-Hotel-Wedding 06-Washington-DC-Willard-Hotel-Wedding 07-Washington-DC-Willard-Hotel-Wedding 08-Washington-DC-Willard-Hotel-Wedding08a-Washington-DC-Willard-Hotel-Wedding 09-Washington-DC-Willard-Hotel-Wedding 10-Washington-DC-Willard-Hotel-Wedding 11-Washington-DC-Willard-Hotel-Wedding 12-Washington-DC-Willard-Hotel-Wedding 13-Washington-DC-Willard-Hotel-Wedding 14-Washington-DC-Willard-Hotel-Wedding 15-Washington-DC-Willard-Hotel-Wedding

16-Woodend-Sanctuary-Maryland-Wedding 17-Woodend-Sanctuary-Maryland-Wedding 18-Woodend-Sanctuary-Maryland-Wedding 19-Woodend-Sanctuary-Maryland-Wedding 20-Woodend-Sanctuary-Maryland-Wedding 21-Woodend-Sanctuary-Maryland-Wedding 22-Woodend-Sanctuary-Maryland-Wedding 23-Woodend-Sanctuary-Maryland-Wedding 24-Woodend-Sanctuary-Maryland-Wedding25-Woodend-Sanctuary-Maryland-Wedding 26-Woodend-Sanctuary-Maryland-Wedding 27-Woodend-Sanctuary-Maryland-Wedding 28-Woodend-Sanctuary-Maryland-Wedding 29-Woodend-Sanctuary-Maryland-Wedding 30-Woodend-Sanctuary-Maryland-Wedding 31-Woodend-Sanctuary-Maryland-Wedding 32-Woodend-Sanctuary-Maryland-Wedding 33-Woodend-Sanctuary-Maryland-Wedding 34-Woodend-Sanctuary-Maryland-Wedding 35-Woodend-Sanctuary-Maryland-Wedding 36-Woodend-Sanctuary-Maryland-Wedding 37-Woodend-Sanctuary-Maryland-Wedding 38-Woodend-Sanctuary-Maryland-Wedding



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