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Helen & Jeremy

/ Paris / France

This was a photographic feast!

Helen contacted me via the Fearless Photographers directory earlier in the year. I was humbled that she picked me to shoot her and Jeremy’s wedding as she had literally hundreds of responses to her wedding request.

So I immediately put a team together, myself and my assistant Ken would be the primary team and I flew a good friend and very talented photographer Amer Nabulsi in from Canada to shoot second primary. We all drove down from the UK to Paris 3 days early to scout the location and meet the families.

The story begins the Chantilly (20miles outside of Paris) with Helen and her 2 bridesmaids at Olivers getting themselves pampered ready for the most incredible day.

Below are just a few favourites from both Amer and I, enjoy 🙂

“We really can’t put into words how fantastic you and your team were and how glad we were that we chose you as our photographer for our special day.You were all absolutely amazing and gave us exactly what we were looking for. The photos expose beautifully not only the wonderful surroundings, but also the passion and emotion from all of our close friends and family. Your creativity and energy shines through in the photographs and you have such an artistic flair that we were continually surprised at the images that you managed to capture.On a personal note you were also absolutely charming with everyone and managed to bring such a positive energy to every situation. It helped us both so much to enjoy the day even more.We simply cannot imagine not having had you there with us to share our special day.”Thank youHelen and Jeremy

Chateau-de-Champlatreux-Wedding-Jon-Mold-5Chateau-de-Champlatreux-Wedding-Jon-Mold-1 Chateau-de-Champlatreux-Wedding-Jon-Mold-2 Chateau-de-Champlatreux-Wedding-Jon-Mold-3 Chateau-de-Champlatreux-Wedding-Jon-Mold-6 Chateau-de-Champlatreux-Wedding-Jon-Mold-7 Chateau-de-Champlatreux-Wedding-Jon-Mold-8 Chateau-de-Champlatreux-Wedding-Jon-Mold-11 Chateau-de-Champlatreux-Wedding-Jon-Mold-13 Chateau-de-Champlatreux-Wedding-Jon-Mold-10 Chateau-de-Champlatreux-Wedding-Jon-Mold-14 Chateau-de-Champlatreux-Wedding-Jon-Mold-15 Chateau-de-Champlatreux-Wedding-Jon-Mold-17

Auberge Du Jeu De Paume, Chantilly

Jeremy was getting ready at the most incredible hotel in Chantilly, The Auberge Du Jeu De Paume is a magnificent hotel right next to Château de Chantilly, it looks like a blend of Buckingham Palace and Disney, it’s an extraordinary place.

Chateau-de-Champlatreux-Wedding-Jon-Mold-4 Chateau-de-Champlatreux-Wedding-Jon-Mold-12 Chateau-de-Champlatreux-Wedding-Jon-Mold-16

Quick dash over to L’eglise Saint-Côme et Saint-Damien for the ceremony

With the rain on and off most of the day we arrived with umbrellas in hand but left in wonderful sunshine. The ceremony was beautiful with string quartet and an opera singer, it filled the church with a heavenly sound.

Chateau-de-Champlatreux-Wedding-Jon-Mold-18 Chateau-de-Champlatreux-Wedding-Jon-Mold-19 Chateau-de-Champlatreux-Wedding-Jon-Mold-21Chateau-de-Champlatreux-Wedding-Jon-Mold-31Chateau-de-Champlatreux-Wedding-Jon-Mold-24 Chateau-de-Champlatreux-Wedding-Jon-Mold-26 Chateau-de-Champlatreux-Wedding-Jon-Mold-30 Chateau-de-Champlatreux-Wedding-Jon-Mold-23 Chateau-de-Champlatreux-Wedding-Jon-Mold-32 Chateau-de-Champlatreux-Wedding-Jon-Mold-25 Chateau-de-Champlatreux-Wedding-Jon-Mold-28 Chateau-de-Champlatreux-Wedding-Jon-Mold-33 Chateau-de-Champlatreux-Wedding-Jon-Mold-34 Chateau-de-Champlatreux-Wedding-Jon-Mold-35

Chateau De Champlatreux Wedding Reception

With the ceremony completed Helene & Jeremy departed in the amazing 1950 Bentley to the reception. And what a venue for a reception, Chateau De Champlatreux has to be one of the most amazing places I’ve shot at. Apart from being jut staggeringly beautiful it has wonderful grounds, faded grandeur everywhere and a spooky dungeon that freaked me out, but we had to shoot in there didn’t we…

Chateau-de-Champlatreux-Wedding-Jon-Mold-36 Chateau-de-Champlatreux-Wedding-Jon-Mold-38 Chateau-de-Champlatreux-Wedding-Jon-Mold-37 Chateau-de-Champlatreux-Wedding-Jon-Mold-39 Chateau-de-Champlatreux-Wedding-Jon-Mold-40 Chateau-de-Champlatreux-Wedding-Jon-Mold-41 Chateau-de-Champlatreux-Wedding-Jon-Mold-46 Chateau-de-Champlatreux-Wedding-Jon-Mold-44 Chateau-de-Champlatreux-Wedding-Jon-Mold-47 Chateau-de-Champlatreux-Wedding-Jon-Mold-48 Chateau-de-Champlatreux-Wedding-Jon-Mold-49 Chateau-de-Champlatreux-Wedding-Jon-Mold-42 Chateau-de-Champlatreux-Wedding-Jon-Mold-53 Chateau-de-Champlatreux-Wedding-Jon-Mold-45 Chateau-de-Champlatreux-Wedding-Jon-Mold-50 Chateau-de-Champlatreux-Wedding-Jon-Mold-51 Chateau-de-Champlatreux-Wedding-Jon-Mold-52 Chateau-de-Champlatreux-Wedding-Jon-Mold-55 Chateau-de-Champlatreux-Wedding-Jon-Mold-56 Chateau-de-Champlatreux-Wedding-Jon-Mold-58 Chateau-de-Champlatreux-Wedding-Jon-Mold-59 Chateau-de-Champlatreux-Wedding-Jon-Mold-60 Chateau-de-Champlatreux-Wedding-Jon-Mold-61 Chateau-de-Champlatreux-Wedding-Jon-Mold-62 Chateau-de-Champlatreux-Wedding-Jon-Mold-63 Chateau-de-Champlatreux-Wedding-Jon-Mold-65 Chateau-de-Champlatreux-Wedding-Jon-Mold-67 Chateau-de-Champlatreux-Wedding-Jon-Mold-68 Chateau-de-Champlatreux-Wedding-Jon-Mold-71 Chateau-de-Champlatreux-Wedding-Jon-Mold-72 Chateau-de-Champlatreux-Wedding-Jon-Mold-74 Chateau-de-Champlatreux-Wedding-Jon-Mold-76 Chateau-de-Champlatreux-Wedding-Jon-Mold-77 Chateau-de-Champlatreux-Wedding-Jon-Mold-78 Chateau-de-Champlatreux-Wedding-Jon-Mold-73

I would like to thank Helen & Jeremy for trusting in me and my team to capture their amazing French wedding. Also to Amer for coming over from Canada and lastly to Ken, it was his last wedding assisting me, he;s off to Australia for a year or 2. He’s been an amazing help and a hard act to follow for someone!


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