Nonsuch Mansion Wedding

Thakshy & Tom

/ Surrey / UK

Nonsuch Mansion for their second wedding in three days!!

Thakshy & Tom started their three day epic wedding event off with a traditional Hindu ceremony at Epsom Downs Racecourse. It was full of colour and captivating rituals. This, their second wedding was a western weddings with white dress, tailed suits and a game of touch rugby during cocktail hour!

Thakshy looked stunning in her dress, her bridesmaid in royal blue dresses really added a burst of colour that matched Thatshy’s bridal shoes.

Nonsuch Mansion is a stunning venue, perfectly adapted for weddings, 2 massive rooms downstairs for the ceremony, wedding breakfast and evenings entertainment.

Big thanks goes to my man BK for being a great second shooter on the day. Below is a collection from us both.

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Epic Cigar Shot - by Jon Mold


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