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Emma & Andrew // Pt 1

/ Verona / Italy

It’s not often you get to spend 3 days on a destination wedding in Italy with friends.

I say friends, I’ve never met Emma & Andrew before we headed out to Verona, they’re all the way from Australia! But after travelling most of northern Italy with them and sharing so many laughs and experiences together we parted good friends. Check out their heart felt testimonial they gave me.

This collection of photos are just from the first day, the wedding day. Emma & Andrew found the most idyllic location for their wedding and only having immediate family and a few close friends it was impossible not to get caught up in all the emotion.

La Finestra Sul Fiume is a small charming farm house nestled next to a broad  flowing river, trout splashing about, and to top it all Valeggio’s towers giving you the perfect backdrop. The river was pretty warm, I know this as I ended up in there to get the optimum perspective for a late night portrait, ok, I’m just crazy.

Several small islands created the setting for the ceremony, these were flanked by smaller streams provided a soothing trickle sound during the service. Cats would wonder around trying their luck to grab some cheese or just to find a lap to sit on. It was perfect!

I was lucky enough to have a great friend Jason Prezant with me helping out, he flew in from Delaware in US just for the wedding, yes, he’s crazy! Below is a selection from both of us.

Getting ready at La Finestra Sul Fiume, Valeggio, Italy.

02-la-finestra-sul-fiume-wedding 03-cat-at-la-finestra 04-la-finestra-wedding 05-verona-wedding-photographerGetting ready bride hair and makeup06-perfect-italy-weddingBridal hair weddingLa Finestra Wedding Preparations

Andrew and the guys got ready at Le Finestre Su Borghetto

There was issues with the tie, after 4 attempts it was good to go.

08-nuns-italy-wedding-verona 09-valeggio-sul-minicio-wedding 10-groom-ushers-getting-ready-wedding 11-valeggio-cafe-river-bridge 12-italy-groom-getting-ready 13-groom-tie-italy 14-groom-getting-ready Il Borghetto Vacanze nei Mulini

Back to La Finestra for the wedding

16-bride-italy-tuscany-wedding 17-italian-wedding-bride-getting-ready 18-bride-bouqet-italy 19-bridesmaid-shoes-italy La Finestra Wedding

An Italian wedding in Valeggio. It’s go time! Here comes the bride.

21-father-walks-daughter-wedding-italy 22-italy-garden-la-finestra-wedding 23-la-finestra-verona-wedding 24-la-finestra-verona-wedding 25-tuscany-wedding-ceremony 26-tuscany-wedding-ceremony 27-verona-wedding-ceremony 28-verona-wedding-ceremony 29-italy-wedding-picnic 30-cheese-eating 31-bride-bridesmaid-italy 32-la-finestra-wedding 33-la-finestra-wedding 34-la-finestra-wedding 35-postcard-messages-wedding 36-polaroid-wedding 37-polaroid-wedding La Finestra Wedding

Portraits were captured at the local botanical gardens, Parco Giardino Sigurtà

Great fun getting around on golf carts, these things were barely driveable, made it more exciting!

39-golf-cart-wedding-valeggio 40-Parco-Giardino-Sigurta-wedding 41-Parco-Giardino-Sigurta-wedding 42-Parco-Giardino-Sigurta-wedding 43-Parco-Giardino-Sigurta-wedding 44-Parco-Giardino-Sigurta-wedding 45-Parco-Giardino-Sigurta-wedding

Finally we returned back to La Finestra for a few more shots and some chilling by the river.

What a truly amazing day. Such an intimate wedding, so much love and wonderful moments.

46-la-finestra-wedding-portraits 47-la-finestra-wedding-portraits 48-bride-bridesmaid-fun-portrait 49-wedding-padlock-italy 50-la-finestra-sul-fiume-wedding-venue 51-italy-wedding-bouquet-toss 52-cigar-wedding-groomsmen Verona House Wedding



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