It fills me with pride to share these wonderful words from my past couples. It reinforces why I do what I do, capturing meaningful genuine moments and delivering them as a complete story.

Have a scroll below and if you like what you read and can envision me being part of your amazing wedding, please do get in touch.

From both myself and my wife, we would love thank you for being such a pivotal part of our day.

You made us both feel at complete ease and were incredible with all of our guests and our little daughter. You captured some truly amazing moments in our life that we simply could not have done!

Our compliments are also coupled with our guests as many also commented to us on how great you were. Jo had always said when she met you at her sister’s wedding she wanted you to be her wedding photographer and we were delighted that years on from that…you were!

We did not feel as though you were just our photographer, we both felt and do still feel as though you became a treasured guest on our special day.

Thank you

Joanna & Bradley

“Jon was no stranger to us. After meeting him at various friends weddings we had no doubt in our mind that we wouldn’t want anyone else other than Jon to shoot our big day.

Jon’s energy and enthusiasm for his work exudes on those around him and without any effort whatsoever makes you feel completely at ease in his company.

Jon played a huge part in making our whole day an incredible experience, not just for us but all of our guests too.”

Ellie & Robbie

Looking back at our wedding photos brings back the best memories of the most incredible day. They show moment we missed and also forgot about and Jon captured them perfectly!! We couldn’t have asked for a better photographer to make us both feel so relaxed and we really wish we could repeat it!!!

Emma & Matt

Where do we start? I knew I would get on with Jon after just our first conversation from his energy and enthusiasm and of course having scrolled endlessly through his portfolio, I knew we had chosen the best photographer – but he managed to exceed all expectations.

From the moment he arrived everyone felt totally at ease in his company and he was more than happy to get involved with all the girly chats between me and my bridesmaids, it was like he had been there all along! Neither Rich or I are particularly posey people or like having our picture taken so it’s a credit to Jon that we actually enjoyed the whole process!

Jon’s energy is what really stood out for us. He was great fun, running around and snapping away like mad while we all partied like mad around him. All of our wedding party commented on how friendly Jon was and how much energy (again!) he put into creating and capturing such beautiful shots and moments.

He has immortalised the most special day of our lives and for that, we will be forever thankful! Your work will be all over our walls Jon until death do us part!

A very special shout out/thanks to the lovely Marius. Our little boys loved him, so did we – he was just the most lovely guy. And incredibly talented too I’m sure!!

Nika & Richard

“Thank you for all our amazing photos. I’ll be honest we’ve found it a bit overwhelming and its taken a bit longer to get through them all, but it has been lovely remembering the day. We have gone through them now a couple of times but will spend many more hours pouring over them. There are some beautiful moments – we really wanted to capture our friends and family as much as us. You can hear the laughter and noise from the day.”

Sam & Lynnea

“We decided early on that we wanted the finest photographer for our wedding, and choosing Jon was one of the best decisions we made!

He was very friendly and professional from the first moment we spoke, full of positive energy, and offered some excellent advice that helped with planning.

On the big day, it felt like Jon was part of the family. He was discreet and made everyone feel comfortable, and you can really see it in the photos. He somehow managed to capture all the special moments, and when you look at the pictures they bring back all the emotions and feelings of the day. They bring us such happiness every time we look at them, and our family will cherish them for years to come. We can’t thank you enough Jon!

Aisha & Alastair

“The moment my wife and I started discussing people we wanted to help make our wedding special we were adamant we needed Jon to be involved. We met Jon a few years beforehand when he’d worked with some of our friends and hadn’t come across a nicer, more personable photographer who captured both staged and candid shots unlike any wed come across. Jon makes everyone feel so comfortable that you forget he’s there. He doesn’t take pictures, he captures moments and tells a story of a day and a journey. Those insignificant moments that for most mean nothing, but to my wife and I the world.”

Lisa & Josh

“Jon was my first choice, and to be completely honest, the only choice to be our wedding photographer. One look at Jon’s portfolio shows his amazing eye and ability with a camera. His natural, documentary style was exactly what my wife and I were looking for.

Jon is a fantastic photographer, not only did he take some truly memorable and amazing photos that captured our wedding day in a way we couldn’t possible of imagined but he is exceptionally friendly, funny, professional and made me and my wife feel totally at ease.

Looking back at our photos it serves as an unbelievable memory that captured the best day of our lives. Capturing moments we missed and things we hadn’t seen we only wish we could do it all over again and one thing for sure is Jon would be our photographer again!!”

Rachel & Ollie

“Not only did they capture truly incredible images, but their easy-going presence really added to our enjoyment of the weekend. And all this with a request for no posed photos whatsoever – not an easy thing to pull off, but they made it seem effortless. Thank you so much for the memories. Literally.”

Lizzy & Tom

“The first time we met Jon, was in Tuscany at our friends Tom & Cheryl’s wedding and it quickly became apparent to us that Jon is more than a photographer he is someone you want to be around & just have a drink with. You get this instant warmth and feel like you have been friends for years. We both thought immediately when the day comes for us to get married this is the guy to capture our day no doubt about it.

Fast forward 2 Years and we are dragging him back to Italy for our day. I remember telling my friends all about Jon and how fabulous his work is, follow him on FaceBook, follow him on Instagram I said, they were not disappointed, by the end of our trip I think every person knew who Jon was and felt like he was their life long friend, just as we did when we met him 2 years ago

Jon makes you feel at ease, as if he is not even in the room when he is taking photographs, his relaxed attitude and like ability is infectious, his work speaks for itself, the natural photographs he takes represents his personality.

We cannot thank Jon enough for everything he has done and how he made our day so special, he will forever be a friend to us and I just need to find more excuses to hire him again and again!”

Krystina & Phil

“Thank you so much for the wonderful images you have been teasing us with so far, they look amazing! The sunset ones are incredible. You had a tough job, and I have to say you were a real star. You have an instantly likeable character making me and the rest of the girls feel relaxed with in minutes of having a camera in our faces. You definitely became accepted part of the bridal gang! We can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures…
Hope to run in to you in the future.”

Lara & Mike

I worked in luxury industry so I always pursue for the highest quality of event, so does the photographers. When we decided to have our weddings in Easter Castle, I started photographer-hunting. However, no matter how many photos I have seen, I just couldn’t get Jon’s photos out of my mind. It seems I can already imagine my wedding from his photos. I knew his photos were something we always longed for, and he would definitely be the best choice for our wedding.

Jon is such a warm guy after getting in touch with him, just like his photos! He can always make you feel at ease, and made the guests laugh at all times. When we look back to our wedding photos, we find him captured the most relaxed and sweetest moments on that day, which are treasures in our life. Jon is also a very experienced professional man who wants the best of his work. He gave us a lot of advice on how to place the tables and seats in the ceremony room so that we could get the best light for the photos.

We cannot thank enough for Jon and his fabulous work! Every time I got friends who want to have weddings in the UK, I just recommended Jon to them because I know they will never regret to have him as their wedding photographer, who is able to capture the best of your day!

Mengling & Michael

“The easiest, and by far the best, decision we made was to have Jon Mold as our wedding photographer. He perfectly captured every moment of our big day and was an absolute pleasure to work with. We would highly recommend this talented photographer to anyone looking for timeless and dynamic photos that truly capture the essence of the occasion.”

Zoe & Joe

“I wanted to touch base in person to thank you, Marius and Gabriella for all of your hard work during the wedding. You really have unbelievable drive and energy, and the passion you have for photography shone through every single second of the day – your enthusiasm is completely infectious and made Rosie and I feel so special! We really enjoyed your company and hope that some time we will be able to catch up again in person. We are so looking forward to receiving what will undoubtedly be some incredible pictures of the wedding.”

Rosie & KT

“Hey Jon! Hope you’re well! Thank you for the amazing photos, we can’t wait to see the rest! Given your track record, I knew the photos would be beautiful. However, I’m also really impressed that you captured certain memorable moments! For some, I didn’t even know you had your camera ready (e.g. Diego and I arriving late to the bus as he had left his bag on the boat)!”

Sahar & Achim

“We first met Jon and Dan at the wedding of a friend of ours in Tuscany and knew we had to steal them for our own! Having already spent a weekend with them it was like having our friends at the wedding with a camera and an amazing eye for awesome shots!

Jon and Dan both have the ability to make you feel as though you’ve known them forever, they instantly make everyone feel at ease and that is the reason that their photo’s appear so natural as everyone is comfortable with them being part of the gang from the offset, in fact when they’d finished shooting for the night we’d loved having them as part of our wedding so much we refused to let them leave!

The boys really get involved from the offset, Jon even helped me chose which dress to wear when I was having a last minute panic and made me laugh every time I was feeling a little nervous or anxious before the big moment, I’m not sure I’d have gotten through ‘dress gate’ without him! . We absolutely wanted our wedding pictures to reflect the relaxed fun vibe we’d tried to represent at our wedding and the photos did just that, we couldn’t be happier with them! They perfectly capture our wonderful friends and family having fun and I can’t stop looking at them!

Thank you for being such a fun and enjoyable part of our day (and sorry for accidentally flashing you Jon!!!) ! We love the photo’s and you guys loads! Couldn’t recommend you guys more. Thank you, thank you, thank you x”

Vix & Don

“We’ve gone through the whole slideshow this evening and we’re absolutely thrilled with the results. There are loads of incredible shots in there – too many to count. You and Dan did a brilliant job of capturing the day. The photos are amazingly colourful, vibrant and full of life. We’re super grateful to you for all your hard work on the day and since then with the great post production work. On the day itself both yourself and Dan did a great job of blending in – we forgot you were there at times. Over 900 photos leave us with an incredible set of memories. Now we just have the hard task of which ones to pick out to print (big!) and which ones to have in an album. Will of course recommend you to anyone and everyone!”

Rachel & Andy

“We came to you with a tough spec – to capture the atmosphere of a wedding
of a pair of perfectionists in an evening candlelit wedding (the dark!). The photos you took are incredible – they superseded every expectation we had. You so vividly capture the story of our special day so perfectly through your lens. You caught the love, the laughter, the tears, the nerves and most importantly the happy, excited faces of our family that we will cherish forever. You are a true artist with an amazing eye for creating a unique picture and being bold enough to put your own mark on it. Thank you so much!”

Miranda & Mark

It is really a wonderful experience to have our wedding photographs shot by Jon Mold! My husband and I was greatly impressed by not only Jon’s remarkable photo taking techniques and skills, but also his professionalism, his dedication and the brilliant team he has got for the shooting. During the shooting, he caught the most beautiful and shiny moments of us and also made many amazing creative ideas to make our photos distinguished and unique. We are very satisfied with the final works and we feel grateful to him for giving us such a wonderful memory in UK.

Yuyang & Yang

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Jon, and we hope you keep infecting many others with your incredible zest for life and photography as you have us!

Cheryl & Tom // DAY 3

“What can we say to convey just how wonderful it was to have you guys at our weekend wedding. From the off both Jon and Dan were straight in amongst the guests and getting to know everyone there. Not just lurking photographers but smiling, joking and putting everyone at ease.

They have some truly INCREDIBLE photos for us. We absolute love the ones we have seen so far, and can’t wait to see the rest. There is no way they would have captured such natural and beautiful images if everyone there hadn’t of enjoyed their company so much.

Jon, Dan, we cannot thank you enough and next Noofordbury festival (minus the nuptials) you are definitely coming!

All the best and lots of love to you both”

Noara & Cliff

“The photographs that yourself and Henley have taken are stunning! Thank you so much! You’ve really managed to captured the day as it happened which is above and beyond what we wanted. Our family and friends have all said such great things about you and your photographs, it was an absolute pleasure to have you at our wedding. We’re all so amazed at how you seem to able to be everywhere at once, wether it be on the floor or silently wedged between church pews! Again, thank you so much for your work, we can’t wait to see more!”

Annie & Ben

“They said that they couldnt believe how you guys were everywhere, one moment you were stuck in a ring of greek dancing men the next you were dashing across the dance floor to catch the perfect shot of my husband being tossed in the air by the boys you must have been knackered by the end of it! There are so many stories and they include you too which practically makes you part of the family!”

Christiana & Chris

“I was literally having a panic attack as we were way behind the schedule, and it was Jon who was trying to give me the strength to calm down and enjoy my day. He is more like a friend there for your special day than someone who you’ve met only once before. As per his photographic talent, just look at the photos; they speak for themselves…But what you can’t see there, is Jon and Dan’s super powers! They’re super invisible, so they can go for 9 hours without any of your guests even noticing them! They’re super fast, so they can be anywhere and everywhere at the same time taking crazy shots of you!”

Melisa & Jon

“We can’t thank you and Dan (please thank him!) enough for being there on Saturday, you made our day you really did. You are such great company and were so clever at being incognito. We will treasure those memories of sun sets, fag breaks and laughter with you both, including the ironing!! and can’t wait to see the pics. Thank you again”

Annie & Philip

“Thank you so much for the amazing photos – I adore them! Seems like I was laughing for most of the day – which of course I was J. Seeing the photos brings back such fun memories of the day, and also captures many of the bits we didn’t get to see. Thank you so much again for being so amazing on the day – everyone I spoke to felt, as we did, that you were awesome, and the photos only reinforce that. We could not have picked a better photographer to make two people who don’t like their photo being taken look half decent! Thanks again for capturing ‘our day’”

Imogen & Keith

“Jon we just wanted to write you a note to say thank you so so much for the incredible photos you took at our wedding at Hengrave hall last month. The photos are truly amazing and everything we dreamed they would be and more.  The way you managed to capture precious moments throughout the day is pure genius. To us, you are the best photographer in the world! Not only are your photos breathtaking but your smile and warm nature is infectious, everyone commented on how wonderful you were on the day,  we are so very lucky to have had you as our wedding photographer. We cannot recommend you enough and we have told everyone about you! If your getting married and can’t decide on a wedding photographer then please look no further. If you want a wedding photographer to think outside the box and take the most magical photos you could ever imagine possible on your special day  – then this guy is definitely your man, he is amazing!!”

Katie & Garry

“Firstly to Jon and team , thank you so much! You were an absolute pleasure to have around both on the day and the night before! We love the photos we have seen so far SO MUCH!

Secondly to anyone thinking who should I ask to photograph my wedding…choose Jon! He is a great person and so many people said how much they liked him and was just like having another guest around. He made everyone feel super relaxed! And most importantly his photos are ace, he really captures the moment perfectly and I can’t wait to see the whole lot. I cannot say enough positive things!”

Anna & Graham